clipboard help and spell setup

It lets you create backups at regular intervals and also export the entries from the program.
Generally, our devices maintain a clipboard that stores all the information you copied using.Main features: - Database stores history of all past text and image clipboard entries for easy viewing, modification, and search - Use it for keeping hierarchical notes - search, sort, filter by text, modification date, last view date.Recommended: Download this tool to quickly find fix Windows errors automatically.You can configure hotkeys by easily going to settings and then choosing the desired hotkeys.The program lets you set hotkeys to simplify various tasks.Clicking it calls up a handy menu of common operations like opening clips, formatting presets, and viewing features; right-clicking it calls up an even longer menu accessing Help, About, Update, and Forum features, Options and Preferences, and other housekeeping.
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We could also set many options from the Main Window, which has Explorer's familiar three-panel layout, including the left-side tree view.It offers hot keys, text formatting, image capture, and more options than we could describe, even if that's all we did in the allotted space.It's important to set up the program's backup feature to automatically archive your clips, but that's easy and even includes automatic filing options that will move clips from the New to the Old group or Recycle Bin at a specified time.Also, there is an option available that can copy the entire content of the entry to the last application you were using.First of all, a little bit about the licensing of this tool.Since we hadn't yet set any Favorite Clips, the only clips Clipboard Help and Spell displayed were those we'd created since our last system cleaning, which we found under Time and Date TextClips.
Although maintaining the clipboard history is a pretty basic task but the additional features offered by the tool are just great.