cleanup 2008 r2 sp1

The Thread Total)Context Switches/sec counter reports the total number of context switches generated per second by all threads.
Naturally it is all googleable too.FAQ d, wayne has been working with Microsoft Server products in the SMB market for over 20 years.I was onsite this week and had a server with 21GB of files in the winsxs folder which was pretty well huge in comparison to the overall 30GB in the Windows folder.Wayne has been working with Microsoft Server products in the SMB market for over 20 years.The perfmon counter maxing out was not rarely context switching, it would floor a server whilst other counters like RAM, CPU etc looked good.It may take a few minutes, but it will get to the following screen.Thus the correct time based values are made available from within the guest perfmon, but only if one looks at the VMware published objects counters.Old What you need to do is install the Desktop Experience Go to the server manager and add new feature.This tool clears up unneeded log files in SBS 2008.As a consequence, all time based perfmon counters (CPU time, context switches/sec and so year 4 maths books on) are inaccurate (sometimes even wildly so even if they may serve as very coarse grained indicators.Here are two ways to monitor context switching : The SystemContext Switches/sec counter in, system Monitor reports systemwide context switches.
It will need a reboot, but once rebooted you will have the ability to run some new tools that were not present before.
For more information check this.

As soon as I get time I'll edit in links to the whitepapers etc which elaborate on this, and the exact counter pathsnames.Under the System Tools program group, youll now have the Disk Clean-up function.To sort this, you need to do a few things.How to remove the windows.If for some reason you dont have the Windows Update Clean-up option above, it means you are not fully patched. .M/kb/2852386, once the clean-up ran above, I ran a check again it showed some reduction, but not what I was hoping for.After the reboot we have our reduced folder sizes. .These days wechat desktop app mac of x64 we load more users, but 70 does sound like a lot.Also you might find something of use in the capacity planning guide, you find a link to it in this blog post.Go and install this Hotfix on your server.Now the Cleanup is running and after this I have.5 GB free space.
It also of course relates directly to the theme of this particular (unfinished) answer and its comments.
Get-WindowsFeature *desk* install-WindowsFeature -Name Desktop-Experience IncludeAllSubFeature, now that we installed the Desktop Experience there is a new option if you do properties on the C drive.