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Contents, overview edit, in sql server 2012 developer edition trial version History Civil War: Secret Missions, the player assumes the role of both Union and Confederate soldiers fighting behind enemy lines in legendary battles that took place during the.
Considering that you're probably not a history professor with a focus on the Civil War, having a bit of an understanding as to how your success during a mission actually affected what happened more than 140 years ago is pretty important.
However, many critics have also noted the game to be one of the best of its genre.
Weapons edit The player is able to use a wide range of weaponry in each mission, all of which are historically accurate and were used by combatants during the Civil War.Activision Value and the, history Channel for, microsoft Windows, PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3 and, xbox 360.It is a sequel.(If you crack windows 7 password usb drive dont know how to install or have some problems, you can ask me on Tag contact ME ) (If download links are broken, you should request Re-upload on Tag game request ) Video Tutorial Install History Civil War: Secret Missions Free Download.History Civil War: Secret Missions is a historical first-person shooter.Featured in the games arsenal are authentic weapons used during the Civil War. .IGN praised the graphics but panned the length of the game.Infiltration of Jackson - USA.
At the beginning of each mission, you're provided a narrated introduction that gives a historical context as to what segment of the war you'll be participating.
Melee is a large part of the game, as it was in the prequel.

Each level begins with a short History Chanel documentary video, which describes the historical events depicted and their significance in the Civil War.Battle of Gettysburg, conducting a covert train raid on the.USS Pittsburg - USA.Sharpshooters at Devil's Den - CSA.Use repeating rifles, grenades, sabers, exploding artillery, shotguns, and more!10 What Culture listed it as #10 in its 10 Best Historical First-Person Shooter Video Games, stating, "While Civil War: Secret Missions was a low-budget game that garnered only mediocre ratings, it was the first to show the gaming industry that there is a place.Experience the weaponry and military advancements of the Civil War; shoot Gatling Guns and Coffee Mill Guns, the automatic guns of the era.
The History Channel: Civil War A Nation Divided.
History - Civil War: Secret Missions attempts to present the clandestine action of Union and Confederate soldiers during the war, but a non-existent story, coupled with weak gameplay mechanics and bland visuals, make this a disappointing shooter at best.