call of juarez gunslinger update

Fixes: fixed potential gameplay block in the "Bounty Hunter Is Still My Name" mission; fixed several inconsistencies of the Ranger, Rifle and Sawed-off Rifle animations; corrected Ranger's Fast Aim bonus in the Arcade Mode; fixed problem of resetting the video settings to default values.
Changes: - hit indicator is now disabled in True West difficulty mode - new option to disable crosshair regardless of the difficulty mode - new option to adjust mouse sensitivity on duels - new settings available in r file - additional checks before posting scores.
Fixes: fixed problems with audio.1 output configurations; fixed crashes related to using.1 audio configurations; fixed potential crash when using long Steam nicknames with non-latin characters; fixed display issue on Leaderboards for nicks with non-latin characters; patched up heavy stuttering when using certain.
Minor tweaks and fixes in all localizations.Call of Juarez Gunslinger Update.01 Released Changes: hit indicator is now disabled in True West difficulty mode; new option to disable crosshair regardless of the difficulty mode; new option to adjust mouse sensitivity on duels; new settings available in r file; additional checks before.Call of Juarez Gunslinger Update.03 Released Fixes: problem with main menu missing and gameplay issues observed on some regional settings; overlapping texts in controller layout settings in Russian localization; outro subtitles line breaking in English localization.Fixed mapping of the audio channels.0 quadrophonic output configurations; fixed potential crash after using the Steam overlay in the leaderboards menu; workaround for apparent blocks when the game is sent to background during loading; fixed some rare scenarios of losing the game's window.Call of Juarez Gunslinger Update.02 Released Changes: quick access to users' profiles is now possible directly from any leaderboard menu; new game option allows to "de-pimp" legendary weapons in order to use standard (regular) skins; extra directional arrows are now displayed next to action.Please follow the instructions from in case of such problems.
Changes: the bug leading floppy to usb converter software to a gameplay block in the "Bounty Hunter Is Still My Name" mission has.

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