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Build some Chalets around the neighborhood.
Click on the bank and then click on the "Financial Advisor" tab at the bottom of the screen.Lets Get Started Train 2 employees and build a Hacienda, upgrade it twice and then sell it right away for 720,000.This should give you a total of 14 workers.Buy the blueprint for the Hedge Maze for 50,000.Demolish house of secrets chris columbus ebook one of your smaller properties and build a Workshop instead.Buy 1,000 materials and build a Sawmill on a non-Premier spot.If its not available try to build it in a corner.

(Super Efficiency Star Solution) Restore your dilapidated Dormer, paint it once and then sell it right away for 315,000.While the Workshop is building buy the cheapest Premier lots that become available.Especially helpful on levels where a high Money goal or many new beetle bentley manual property purchases are required.Now upgrade and paint the Chateaus.Upgrade it twice and sell it right away for 720.At the beginning of the game yo do not own any houses whatsoever.Buy the Fire Station blueprint for 25,000.