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Uncle Frank Villains Edit The General Sea-men Miss Kyi Left-Fin Silver-Carphead Super Elves Charging-Forward Demon - a Kamen Rider themed monster that was created through a Charging-Forward Super-Elf belt.External Links Edit References Edit Start a Discussion Discussions about Battle Strike Team: Giant Saver See more discussions.Play with the profile "TNT" download the file: tntbsr2berlin-uc.3rd group, earth Guard.They combine into giant robots known as Giant Savers.June 16, 2015 by, admin in, pC Games, battlestrike: The Road to Berlin Free Download PC Game Cracked in Direct Link and Torrent.Always unRAR with full paths!Sky Guard, windy Xu ( - ) - Based on the classic character Princess Iron Fan.Pilots the Feral Wolf Saver, as well as the Galaxy Dragon, Spar Tortoise, and Cannon Tiger Saver.If you wish to save your current progress, please make a backup in regedit.Giant Assault Saver Giant Braver Giant Saver Fire Ape Steel Boar Ocean Shark Golden fifa 11 ps2 ita iso Ox Glacier Bear Assault Saver Thunder Lion Wing Hawk Sky Phoenix Crack Saver Feral Wolf Galaxy Dragon Spar Tortoise neighbors from hell 2 pc game Cannon Tiger This is China's first installment of their own Super Sentai.Zip (to unpack archives use: WinZip, WinAce, WinRar ).

Played by He Chao.To be added All of the main three giant robos.Young ( - ) - Based on the classic character Er Lang Shan, a Chinese God.He is friends with Jane and Nell, but does not care for Quinn.Ocean Guard, jane Anping ( - ) - Based on the classic character Sha Wujing (known in english as Sandy).Played by Liu YuXi 2nd group, thunder Guard, zoe Xu ( - ) - Based on the classic character Bull Demon King.Sister Corina - She is considered the "big sister" of the teams as well their overall chef.