basic exchange 2010 interview questions and answers

What are events and delegates?
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Localization is the process of customizing applications that support a given culture and regions.If Class Y derives from Class X, then Class Y is a derived class.Functional - Display a chart which shows the maximum number of products sold in a region.In some cases, the employer also contributes as equal amount which is referred as Employers Contribution.It is a logical model for designing and querying database models.Generation 0 - This is the first generation under managed heap which is used to store and manage short-lived objects.Pulling together is a central tenet of our work ethic.Common Type System (CTS) defines how the types are defined and used in the Common Language Runtime.In T you use the NotInheritable modifier to prevent programmers from using the class as a base class.The code is a means of upholding and strengthening the trust reposed on us by our various stakeholders, be it our customers or the wider society.I would suggest you to read this.What is object role modeling (ORM)?The objects are always created in contagious memory.
Diversity at work: TCS is an equal-opportunity employer and TCSers come from many nationalities and speak many languages.
Static Constructor Read more about it at Define Overriding?

Microsoft.NET supports language integration.When should you use inheritance?In general Classes can be derived from another class, hence support Implementation inheritance.An event is a message sent by a control domdomsoft animeer 1.2.4 keygen to notify the occurrence of an action.If the garbage collector finds sufficient memory for the new object, it does not search for the dead object and hence memory allocation process is always faster.A good answer to such questions leaves a very positive impact on the board as it demonstrates your awareness about the surroundings and the fact that you are well prepared puts you ahead of others.The private assembly gets stored in the application folder which is using the assembly.Once the connection is closed, it returns back to the pool.What is a multiple-document interface(MDI)?
DLL Hell is the issue of maintaining multiple versions of a component for multiple applications.
An assembly is a final deployable unit which can versioned and secured.