autodesk 123d catch export model

Next, I painted out the stickers and filled in the holes.
Upload to game ship simulator 2011 the Autodesk Servers, edit your 123D catch model, upload to m and 3D Print!As the app uses the area around the object to orient the camera location, it sometimes helps to give the app some more objects with which to orient.But if you can walk around it, you can scan it!Natural light always works best.Sign in with your Autodesk account and start a new 123D project. .The 123D Catch app is available on two different smartphone platforms: in the App Store, in the Android Marketplace.

This can take anywhere from five minutes to an hour, depending on the number and resolution of photos.There ought to be enough room to view each angle of the object.At this point everything is on the cloud so its fine to leave the web page and come back later when its processed.Remember you must move around the object, do not turn the object itself.Also, make sure to take a look.Take a piece of scrap paper and draw a scribble or 8 on it; an old newspaper also works.Scanning and 3D printing is a match made in heaven.The head bust below was created by using a combination of 123D Catch and.From there you can edit your.The app uses the area around the object to orient the cameras locations.
The object should NOT be transparent, translucent or reflective.
Your computer will download a compressed (ZIP) file, save it and open up Sketchfab!