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Makie, the only one who's not a trained fighter, did some rather absurd things in an early appearance just with her gymnastics training, including using her ribbon as a whip to snatch a book from a large monster and Indiana Jones over a pitfall.
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Simply by jumping across rooftops a lot and punching lots of criminals to death, you can increase these abilities to jogging 40mph, leaping 50 feet and carrying 10 tons.Kirei Kotomine from Fate/stay night is a former Church Executioner, and his hand-to-hand combat abilities are terrifyingly good.Street Fighter : The series is full of examples on or near the line between this and Ki Manipulation, but one that stands out as the latter is Blanka's power to discharge electricity, which he learned from electric eels.Let's not forget the ammunition and other supplies either.Rangers in Ranger's Apprentice gain their Improbable Aiming Skills through a LOT of practice.There's no such thing as 'just human'.".The superpower here is thus of a more traditional sort wwe 2k14 1.02 update than in Western examples, though the training is still the significant factor; Average Joe can't harness his chi half as well.

Chapter 7 treats us to a martial artist strong enough to wreck walls and floors with his giant frying pan.Doc Savage, from pulp era novels, is a result of a rigorous Training from Hell routine from birth initiated by his father.What makes her scary is that she's a normal schoolgirl who had never trained before in her life, indicating she could potentially become the most powerful presentation in english pdf warrior in the franchise before her 16th birthday if she had half of Ryu's dedication to training.In the third timeline he easily dodges the attacks of the Gamia sisters and takes down one of them despite of they are several times faster and more agiler than a human being (like an amazed Minerva notes).Sluggy Freelance : Bun-Bun can outrun a car, toss a grown man over his shoulder, claw his way out of an alien's stomach, skin a grizzly bear alive, and survive grenade explosions at point-blank range.Wrestlers do this kind of thing in general.At dota 2 game pc one point, this is lampshaded by a crook who points out that Mikasa (a girl who's barely twenty and doesn't pack much muscle mass) could single-handedly take down his entire gang of full-grown (and supposedly trained in hand-to-hand combat) men.Partly averted in The King of Fighters series, where several of the characters introduced in that series have powers due to "Orochi blood and the China team's powers come from being psychics (and Athena's partly because she's the reincarnation of a goddess).