arma 3 alpha update

The Arma 3 Tac-Ops DLC Mission Pack consists of a set of missions that provide a true combat experience in an unrestricted war zone.
ZIL-157 Variants, mi-8 Variants, oh6 Cayuse Variants, an-2 Colt Variants Motor Skiff (red) (Civilian motor boat) dragon ball z episode 274 UH-1D/H Variants (Updated weaponry and visuals) Statics: M1919A4.30cal (Low) (New format factory key Model) stabo Rig (6-man) (may not work in MP) Explosives Grenades: Tripwire Traps Punji Traps Claymores (Old Model ).
Mod is released with permision granted from Ivan Buchta (Edge) For more info - Changelog:.4 - Added new map Bukovina - Added new map Bystrica - Added full support for A3MP-AP mod - @A3MP - ArmA 3 Map Pack - Additional Pack No more.License is APL-SA - MP Keys included, installation: Make sure to delete any older version before installing this new version!Real Combat radio transmissions from the Vietnam war Ground Air Chatter Some General Fixes: apex Dependency on Da Krong and Doung is removed AI Pilots can now see out of the windshields of the Huey Helicopters M113 and XM-706 are now properly amphibious PhysX has.I made sure that there are no bugs or crashes during launching or playing the game.Shotgun (M12 Trench Gun) (New Model).M870 Mk1 (New Texture sKS-45 Rifle (New Model stG-44 (New Model).Fight alongside multiple armed forces, and lead your unit to victory, alive.

Wierd grass range visiblity is fixed and looks okay now.Will be addressed in future updates.ArmA 3 Map Pack is created from ArmA 2 samples pack based on APL-SA License.When the above information still does not provide you with enough to learn how to install custom addons and mods you can always ask in our.While I was working, I received many private messages in which you were asking me to release the mod asap.Bonus: Mig 21 variants The skies are no longer safe remember check your 6!