are keygens always trojans

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2 4 comments, has Google buried all pirate sites from their search results?These are the guys trying to sachs dolmar 100 manual break into Pentagon computers to get the plans for THE Bomb to sell it to terrorists.21 17 comments, eLI5: Food preservation: Why does food begin to taste like 'fridge'?1 comment, eLI5: what determines if 2 chemicals will or won't bond 10 21 comments, eLI5: What is a Sonic Boom?Has all the music in the world.Cracks on the other hand, such as no-cd cracks (copy all files to harddrive, because some programs require the original disc to be able to install properly are a different thing altogether.Off course, this might open you up for malicious alterations too, like keyloggers, changing firewall rules, checking your contacts for e-mail adresses (spamming allowing viruses, adware and so on and so forth.There is no way to tell which group have made the program that enables you to break the law, so scan the keygen or crack before you run it, preferrably with more than one (updated) AV and anti-spyware and -adware program.It works as a web scraper and scrapes file/video hosting sites such as Openload for raw video files, and streams them.
They may have reverse-engineered the source code of the program to find the mathematical algorithm so every serial made by the keygen will activate the program.
25 17 comments, eLI5: Food preservation: Why does food begin to taste like 'fridge'?

Comments, eLI5: What are neural networks?537 75 comments, spotted on my feed today 41 20 comments, leonflix - A desktop app for watching movies and TV shows with no ads or viruses.62 25 comments rutracker, WTF?7 4 comments, eLI5: Why does using a scissor to put pressure along a ribbon cause it to curl up?ELI5: Do some people really have "strong" or "weak" genes?Crackers are intent on one thing, and one thing only: Find out how it works, so they can wreak havoc with.ELI5: Why does blood taste like copper even though Iron is by far the most common metal in blood, and even then there is not much?
You need to understand that these are two very different things.