aol mailbox font too small

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Html is the "markup language" used to create web pages - here too, it is just used to differentiate formatted content from unformatted, plain-text.
Default Font and ben 10 alien force full episodes in hindi Color.
You can: Change the Windows screen resolution, screen resolution has a direct relation to how large (or small) everything displays on your computer screen.Alternatively, you can make the text in instant messages, emails and chat rooms appear larger by following the steps given below.Click the, f section or scroll down the page.There are several ways to resize the text on your computer.Note that this changes the default font size : you can override patch uefa euro 2012 that setting when composing / forwarding / replying to emails (see tip below).Although it varies by browser, hitting Ctrl0 (zero) generally restores the default zoom!Under, text Settings, select from, small, Medium, or, large.In the, f section, click.Follow these useful steps to enlarge or reduce the text size on AOL Software.Your signature and font will appear in plain text" notice, start by enabling formatted text: check the ".
The second group of settings is called "Rich Text / html rich text simply means formatted text (including bold, italic, font color, different text sizes,.) as opposed to "plain text".

How do I change the font size of the webpages within AOL Desktop.The "10 points" text size will also 2004 honda civic repair manual be legible on most platforms, though seniors will feel more comfortable with at least 12 points.5, scroll to the bottom and click.Step 3, click "Edit "Zoom" and then a listed percentage to change the size of the entire Web page, including text and images.Tip - to change the text size of the current email you are writing, just override the default size by choosing a different setting by clicking on the " Select font size " button: the new size will apply to the portion of text currently.Go to AOL Keyword: Settings or m/help/settings.Change the Default Mail Font in AIM Mail or AOL Mail.This will zoom in or out of the entire page, so this solution isn't always ideal.Sure maybe boring; how about Courier New, Georgia, Comic Sans or Verdana instead?Save Settings button at the very bottom.Having a hard time reading the text on your screen?