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He is in a plane that is being chased down a runway by several Jeeps.
A low gas-to-air mix will result in more of a rolling fire ball, which is what special effects probably used for the shot.Out in the Cold (2x16) Edit MacGyver is trapped in an avalanche while skiing.MacGyver uses a baking soda and vinegar concoction to create a smoke screen.With how small the room.Also, simply crimping the lines would not be likely to make a seal that would hold enough pressure to keep Freon from escaping.The balloon was made of homemade super-glue, old clothes, a parachute, welding equipment, a refrigerator and metal box.(08:00) It's pretty straight-forward and plausible, especially since he's sitting in the opposite end of the boat while paddling.In a particularly elaborate stunt, MacGyver builds a mud runway for a plane.He then fills the bag with gas and seals it with a string.Just click Add Annotation above.His ingenuity is normally put to the test under dire circumstances with little time or specialized resources with which to work.When they explode, the sound is amplified by the bell, and the guards in the street are distracted.First he dumps some water in the radiator and jump-starts the Jeep, causing the water to heat.Approximate time: 21:00 After Jack Dalton's plane's oil line is hit, the group make a crash landing in which the plane's left ski is damaged.MacGyver creates a bomb out of nitroglycerin tablets and alcohol.This action causes the boat to lift sony sound forge audio studio 9.0 tutorial off of the girl.

He bends the twigs in to a ball and the covers it with ferns.(43.00) GX-1 (3x06) Edit MacGyver upgrades Nikkie's shoes by cutting out pieces of his sleeping pad and some duct tape.MacGyver uses sheets of plywood, water jugs, and a smoke alarm.So MacGyver cuts several bamboo shoots, each just past the natural solid disc that is in bamboo every few feet.He also stretched a garden hose across a door exit which tripped the bad guys up when they ran out of the house after him.MacGyver makes several small bombs using fertilizer, starter fluid, foam padding, and newspaper.The plugged pipe is put over the a patch where the gas was most likely to break out, a brass plate.