agents of shield season 1 episode 9

Episode 1: The Ghost, aVI (360p, 353,7 MB MKV (720p, 910,91 MB MP4 (400p, 271,6 MB Episode 2: Meet the New Boss, aVI (360p, 288,0 MB MKV (720p, 807,8 MB MP4 (400p, 229,3 MB Episode 3: Uprising.
On the heels of their encounter with.
I never thought I'd say it, but I'm really going to miss that dude.
He's not perfect, but this version of Ward really is a good guy at his heart.Oh, and five minutes into Coulson's broadcast, and the people of Hydraville are ready for revolution?Then, everyone just takes off on their missions and Coulson a guy who's only experience in this world is teaching ninth grade history somehow steps into the leadership vacuum?More than anyone, Coulson is quickly tapping into his "real" self, likely due to the fact that his brain has already been meddled with.It's easy to forget how many great characters have come and gone through this show, and this arc has served as the perfect sendoff to give Ward a do-over in the best possible way.Well, the big change in his life is that Victoria Hand recruited him into.H.I.E.L.D.Which all happened a bit too quickly and conveniently, but hey, it had to happen.But, she can kill them if they're threatening the Framework?They're all threatening the Framework at this point, right?How is that such a huge threat, though?The Framework version of Agent Ward is one heck of a good guy, and this has been an amazing reprieve for Brett Dalton to come back and actually play this character as we first got to know him in Season 1 and see him end.In this world, Hand saw something in Ward and took a shot on him giving him a goodness and moral center the "real" version sorely lacked.AVI (360p, 183,2 MB MKV (720p, 871,8 MB MP4 (400p, 208,9 MB Episode 21: The Return AVI (360p, 372,2 MB MKV (720p, 995,2 MB MP4 (400p, 256,5 MB Episode 21: Worlds End AVI (360p, 365,4 MB MKV (720p, 921,6 MB MP4 (400p, 232,5 MB).What friends and foes will they face?
The heroes have been plugged into a virtual reality known as "The Framework created.
Resistance could falter without his steady hand of leadership.

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Ok, this is only getting more convoluted.It's taken him decades to reconcile that, but we finally get to see Framework Coulson take the stand he was too afraid to take all those years ago.The core of the real Ward was evil because of the hate planted there by Garrett.Sure, meddling with dark arts is bad, but this doesn't feel like the most threatening thing at this point.It's maddening that there's no good reason for why Aida and the Russian don't just kill everyone and be done with.Line of the night: "My name is Phil Coulson, and I'm an Agent.H.I.E.L.D." - Coulson.The short version : The gang hijacks a TV station to broadcast the body cam footage of Hydra bombing one of its own reprogramming facilities loaded with teenagers.The bad: A tidy resolution seems to be brewing, the rules' are still pretty dumb.We were told the Framework included minor changes that then set larger things in motion years down the line, and we learn even more about that here.What will become of the team as they make their way through this strange new landscape?