age appropriate toys for 18-24 months

I am really into music, so the musical side of life is always big for me and easy for me to incorporate into the day.
Keep it unstructured and just let her imaginative play run wild.
Balls: Still a source of great delight for your toddler, learning to throw and catch is an important skill, developing her hand-eye autocad for mac review 2015 coordination.There are a lot.She'll love seeing how it can take corners and feeling the difference between running it over a carpet and across a bare floor.Large and small blocks: Working with blocks helps your toddler improve her handling skills by grabbing, stacking, and sorting.Choose puzzles that have very few pieces and are made of thick, easy-to-manipulate blocks of wood.When he gets good at that, encourage him to try to run and kick.CDs and downloads: As well as reading aloud her favourite stories, playing CDs and downloads to your toddler will also help to develop her speech and language.The regular patter of nursery rhymes is particularly pleasing to a toddler's ear.This was the favorite toy of Brayden's in this age range.This is the set we bought: Ultimate lego duplo Building Set Art Activities : See this post for art time activities: Baby Stuff I love: Art Time Musical Instruments : Musical instruments are a fun thing.There will be toys that used to just be fun to hold and look at (and put in the mouth) that he now is starting to play with in a more conventional way, such as the.Your toddler will love the novelty of listening to a familiar story in a different voice.

Puzzles : Puzzles are a good way to give your young child little victories the simple satisfaction of putting something exactly in place is a marvelous thing.I think an iPod is an excellent item for a child to have.This can be a hard age to buy for.At this age your little one will have a mind of her own, using her imagination to enjoy all sorts of pretend play.For my kids, Nesting Cups continued to be a fun toy in this age range as well as the.Do you clean the house?Hang up whatever she makes for you.Shape Sorter and, pop Up Toy.The CDs have no chance of being scratched or broken.Illustrated books and CDs : Recorded stories are no substitute for reading to your child, but many toddlers do enjoy the novelty of hearing a voice come out of a machine and can appreciate that the voice is new and different.
Kitchen Accessories for Kaitlyn in this age range.