adventure time episodes season 1

November 19, 2012 Short tales about Finn and Jake's thumbs, Marceline's search for a music shop and the Ice King's new bride.
However, they were not produced for season one, and it is unlikely that they will actually be made into full episodes but it isn't unheard of for an unproduced episode to get produced eventually.227 28 Don't Look.July 11, 2011 Finn and Jake's tree house is invaded by Cute King and his army of "evil" Cuties who decide to murder Finn and Jake.May 26, 2016 Fionna and Cake go on a cooking adventure to take Cake's art to a new level.May 3, 2010 Finn reflects on an upsetting experience in his past and pledges to help everyone in need, but this proves more difficult than imagined.April 19, 2010 Finn and Jake go on a quest for a magical sony prs 505 reader library book that would prove them worthy of being righteous heroes.March 19, 2016 Finn and Jake discover a conspiracy after infiltrating the Banana Guard ranks.July 12, 2010 Finn's headstrong decision to explore a dungeon to find the Crystal Eye in defiance of Jake and Princess Bubblegum's warnings puts him in great danger.
But time is running out!

January 27, Princess Bubblegums scientific mind must wrestle with her Elemental magic potential when shes faced with a Crystal Entity.66 Jesse Moynihan revealed that as of July 30, 2012, works on season 5 storyboards has already ended; however, he may have only been referring to the first 26 episodes.March 14, 2011 Finn Jake get involved in a high-speed murder mystery on Finn's 13th birthday.July 15, Jake is sick and tired of Finn using his body as a suit of armor, so he convinces Finn to trade places to show him how much it really stinks.October 3, 2011 Finn and Jake travel to a seedy part of the Candy Kingdom to track down Tree Trunks' stolen apples.93 15 Sons of Mars TBA July 23, 2012 Jake becomes a copy of Magic Man after a run-in with him.But when their vessel is attacked by nasty goo monsters, F J start to think the mission has been sabotaged by Princess Bubblegum's robot helper James.21 21 Donny TBA 692-018 August 9, 2010 Finn and Jake help a bullying grass ogre named Donny turn his life around, without realizing the ecological damage they may be causing in the process.October 17, 2011 Finn and Jake receive an invitation to a masquerade dinner.The Light Cloud.Ketchup.67 268 TBA July 18, BMO and Marceline swap stories about their recent adventures.
Lumpy Space Princess at Princess Bubblegum's annual 'Mallow Tea Ceremony.' 3 3, prisoners of Love., april 12, 2010, having discovered that the Ice King kidnaps a number of princesses he sees as potential brides, Finn and Jake team with the prisoners to set everybody.
164 8 Furniture Meat.