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Sell the staff and you get 13k.
Best armours: The best starter armour is scorpion assasin armour you can get it as soon as you log in just click on shop as soon as you log in the armour only costs 30000.
Shaiya Top 100 - Shaiya Private Servers, Shaiya Info Vote 1,998 Out 4,212 12 LeagueOfShaiya League of Shaiya it is a free server made for players that dont want to farm months to get readdy for pvp.You will end up in portal undead.Example you see 5 players with the same quest.Strategically planned and focused on various aspects of the game, it aims to provide world class gaming to every player who will join the community.Repeat many times for maximum income.After that, click the magnifying glass next to the word buy.25 Flyff Plus Online is a unique Flyff online private server.Unlockables: Helms, armors, capes, swords lots of stuff: dark wolf - do all of willow creaks quests.
Click on yes and then go to a shop a click sell and sell it for 1250 gold.

By providing quality, attentive community and development services, MagmaFlyFF aims to create a classic gross domestic product per capita purchasing power parity experience for FlyFF.You will get the Burn It Down staff.Step2:train it until it is.First Class until Fourth Class x level cap is 300 with rebirths.Then, click on an item.Will not be there all the time.Hint - Walk when dead: Update by: bartman36 brad Submitted by: ethan Go any were and put weakest armour on and have a friend invite u to there party then die and hit goto the friend but they have to stay in same room after.Contiene la v15 old school-classic con todas las misiones funcionando a la perfección y en español.Keep fighting the Fire Mages until you get the the Gem.Vote 20,952, out 2,997 5, shaiya Desire, the best Shaiya server you've never seen before!