active file recovery v12.0.2 full

No settings were railway recruitment syllabus pdf changed.
I manually closed 4 Phibase Synergy trades that were open since December.
( pr#14614, Willem Jan Withagen) rbd: correct issues with image importing ( pr#14401, Jason Dillaman) rbd: error out if import image format failed ( pr#13957, wangzhengyong) rbd: import-diff should discard any zeroed extents ( pr#14445, Jason Dillaman) rbd: import real thin-provision image ( issue#15648, pr#12883.
Updated KangarooEA with the latest version.Forex Real Profit EA terminal restarted.Interbank Trade Advisor forward test discontinued.Forex Robin VOL forward test configuration changed again: riskPercent adjusted.0 to reduce the potential drawdown given yesterdays change.BlueStore manages data stored by each OSD by directly managing the physical HDDs or SSDs without the use of an intervening file system like XFS.No user intervention or bucket size capacity planning is required.Suffered another VPS reboot.The logs have been sent to the author for further investigation and Ill post an update if I have any news as to what might have gone wrong.GMT offset is configured.
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Forex Morning Trade forward test stopped due to poor performance and drawdown in excess.

Added Forex Gold Trader forward test, default settings (dynamicLot.0 used due to the micro lot size).Updated Forex Megabot.1a.Quantum FX Bot forward test discontinued because it no longer seems to be commercialized and it was also displaying a poor performance.Forex Growth Bot updated to Basic.3.Added Euro Smarter forward test.Hyper EA forward test resumed.It crashed once more.07 (shortly after I restarted its terminal) and it was off until today when it was restarted.Forex Minute Trader forward test updated.23.You can query the supported features and (apparent) releases of all connected daemons and clients with ceph features.Updated Forex Megabot.0c.
H ( issue#19883, pr#15685, Willem Jan Withagen) common, core: osd/osdmap: make osd_state 32 bits wide ( pr#15390, Sage Weil) common, core: osd/osdmap: replace require osds flags with a single require_osd_release field ( pr#15068, Sage Weil) common, core: osd/osdmap: replace string-based min_compat_client with a ceph_release uint8_t.