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Non-fiction: which is based on existing facts researched or consolidated by an author.Despite the couple proudly calling themselves progressives, Amir convinces Lakshmi to convert to Islam (.I am sure I will read this one again in a few years, it is going in my permanent collection.more.Despite successfully embarking upon intensive research lasting several months or years, historians eventually face a moral dilemma of whether to call a spade a spade, thereby offending a few, or whether to sugarcoat it or worse, distort it and remain on the good books.Under the auspices of their Professor Mentor (Sastry) who was the forerunner of Progressive movement, they decide to get married. George Santayana.But in reality, it is the non-fiction writers who are actually answerable to the society, future generations and also to their own moral conscience, which makes their work not just challenging but influential accountable as well.We all should come to terms with this rather sad part of our history.The destruction of the glorious hindu shrines by the barbaric muslim rulers.But underlying that layer is the story of the difficulties faced due to marriage under Sharia Law.As a fact the usage of Kannada in the novel is very pathetic, it would be better if the author wrote the novel in sanskrit or english).It is in this layer that Bhyrappa unveils his philosophical thinking (He was a professor of philosophy for several decades).Especially the sub story of the young prince who looses his masculinity.Hence, a voracious reader who is interested in further reading and with an inclination for analysis introspection, might require 2-4 weeks to finish this book.The situation turns hostile to the extent of Lakshmi going back to her village and living alone.Few years ago,.
Story within a story ( and takes it further by encapsulating multiple layers of stories within stories which is very rare especially in books related to history) to combine fiction non-fiction to present findings of his intensive research.

VPhdjstnqvTo, interestingly, Bhyrappa uses an innovative genre called.Aavarana: The Veil by SL Bhyrappa.Broadly speaking, literature can be divided into 2 parts: Fiction: which is based on the authors imagination.In this layer, Bhyrappa, equipped with his solid research, uses fictitious characters to form a plot through which he attacks the so called progressive intellectuals and tears them apart using his non-fiction, historical research rebuttals.(i.e Everywhere from schools to colleges to television, newspapers and even serious literature.).Why should you read the book?Those who cannot remember the past, windows media player 12 for windows 10 are condemned to repeat.What is the point in reading this book?Well researched and lucidly illiantly integrated the past into current e closing argument.Tipu Sultan Aurangzeb are not only astonishing but disturbing as well which can be cross-checked with the references mentioned by the author at the end of the book, or the reader himself can embark on mini-researches lasting 1-2 hours each to find out facts for.
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Bhyrappa (a renowned respected author decided to venture in his quest for truth and during the process, was dismayed to find that distorted history had become ubiquitous.