9th social science book

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2nd March: Tsar leaves power and provisional government formed.The revolution of 1905 also proved a dress rehearsal of the underbelly squizzy episode 1 revolution of 1917.They were also very active in all affairs of the country.Question 2: In what ways the working population in Russia different from other countries in Europe before 1917?There was no leader of this movement.During the rule of Tsar Nicholas II the privileged had got special rights while the general public including the workers and farmers had no say in the government.The Bolshevik party was renamed as the Russian Communist Party (Bolshevik).They could not form any trade unions and political parties to express their grievance.The nobility, the crown and the Orthodox Church owned large properties.It was mainly due to the autocratic government of the Tsar Nicholas II who antagonized these people day-by-day by his corrupt and oppressive policies.

The autocratic rule of the Tsar had become quite inefficient.They wanted an independent judiciary but the liberals did not believe in Universal Adult Franchise.He was a self-willed, corrupt and oppressive ruler who never cared for the welfare of the people or the country.Stalin, who was the leader of the party at that time, investigated the causes of this problem and introduced some emergency measures accordingly.Consequently, even the moderate reformers began to talk of revolutions.They opposed the uncontrolled power of dynastic rulers.They often inspired their male co-workers.In 1903, this party was divided into two groups Mensheviks and Bolsheviks.Industry was found in pockets only.Being influenced by the democratic experiments by the Western European countries, the Russians also demanded a responsible government but all their demands were turned down.
(iii) Women workers between 19uring Russian revolution of 1905, the February Revolution of 1917, the women workers also took part in shaping the future of Russia.