3d pie chart in flex 4.5

If you specify a generic font name, it is converted to an appropriate device font.
31) Enhancement, Ultimate : new Style property : dataCellEmbeddedFonts - previously, you could not use enableDataCellOptimization with embedded Fonts.
One of the reasons we did not do nerovision express 3 manual this initially is that to write native excel files, you have to import a library like as3xls.Screenshot below: 6) Enhancement, Ultimate : Added support for column header operations.Continue reading Setting the horizontal and vertical gaps on a Legend control in Flex.Styles, styles are either common or associated with a specific theme.The default value is "none".The possible values are Numbers from -400 through 400.Sets the antiAliasType property of internal TextFields.See the enableRowEdit flag for details.

This usually led to inconsistent behavior.The default value is 10 for all controls except the ColorPicker control.You can use any font family name.Product Version : Flex 3, runtime Versions : Flash9, AIR.1.22) Bug Fix, Classic the selectAllChange event was being dispatched incorrectly when there was only a selected key change 23) Bug Fix, All Grids : When the same date is chosen in the DateComboBox custom date range, no records are returned.9) Enhancement, Ultimate : Native support for GroupingCollection and GroupingCollection2 10) Enhancement, Ultimate : Much better, faster mechanism for drawing filler rows.Continue reading Setting the font weight on the MX Legend control in Flex.Basically, Ultimate always had a limitation, that it could only render header cells and column group cells of equal height.